Guard & Reserve Benefits

Your continued service to the nation and your community in the Reserves and National Guard matters to you and to us. When you’re a part of our team, we want to make sure that you’re taken care of, regardless of where and when you’re serving.

Guard Service

Guard & Reserve Leave

You can take up to 15 days paid time off each year for National Guard and Reserve required training, in addition to your normal paid time off.

Supplementary Pay

Differential Pay

To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, we will bridge the gap between your pay in the military and your pay at Comcast for up to 3 years if you are called up for active duty.

Military Concierge

Military Concierge Service Team

We have a dedicated team to assist employees and their families to better understand our enhanced benefits and policies for National Guard and Reserve Employees. This team of experts will help you, your family and your Comcast leadership navigate the transition between Comcast NBCUniversal and your military duties.


Health & Welfare Benefit Plans

If you’re called to active duty, you keep your Comcast NBCUniversal benefits plan for up to three years. This includes comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, access to Flexible Spending Accounts, personal health consultants, benefits to support life milestones and more.

401k Saving

401(k) & Employee Stock Purchase Plan

While you are away for a long-term activation or deployment with the National Guard or Reserves, you can contribute to military supplemental pay such as 401(k), Savings Starter and ESPP, and continue to contribute supplemental pay deductions while on leave. You are also able to make-up contributions while on leave.

Courtesy Services

Courtesy Services

If you are activated for an extended period of time as a National Guard or Reserve Member, you can keep our Courtesy Services while you’re serving (up to 5 years). If you are in a serviceable area, this includes free digital TV and Internet services as well as deeply discounted phone service and other features.

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